Upcoming Masterclasses:

Voice/Audition Techniques Masterclass with Gina Beck

For young area singers, ages 15-25.

When: Monday, March 16, 2020 7-9:30pm

Where: Town Hall Theatre

3535 School St, Lafayette, CA 94549

Previous Masterclasses:

Weston Drama Workshop - July, 2019

"Gina impressively offered a wealth of information about how the voice functions while using accessible tips and tricks that our students were able to quickly incorporate to see results in their singing fast! She left each student with something to keep working on, empowering them to push forward on their own vocal journey." Tristan Burke, Director, Weston Drama Workshop Afternoon Conservatory

St. Joseph's Notre Dame High School, Alameda, CA - May, 2019

Lauren Rosi, Theater Program Director - St. Joseph Notre Dame High School, Alameda, CA

Oakland School For the Arts, Oakland, CA - May, 2019

Marie Plette, Chair of Vocal Arts

Wayland High School - May, 2019

"Throughout the workshop, Gina was able to make person-specific adjustments to each participant. What impressed me most was seeing each performer sing better, and, in turn, watching their confidence grow with Gina's coaching and well-informed touch. Gina was in tune to each person's unique and individual voice, and that attention to detail made a huge difference in the impact her coaching and teaching had on students. "

Aidan O'Hara, Drama Teacher and Director

Woodside High School, Woodside, CA - May, 2015

"Gina's masterclass made ME want to go to the Boston Conservatory!" Barry Woodruff, Theater Director and Teacher

Town Hall Theatre, Lafayette, CA - May, 2015

"During my time as a student with Gina my vocal technique skills and repertoire grew enormously. I came to Emerson with vocal training that predominantly focused on classic musical theater repertoire. Gina’s background in opera greatly eased my transition into the contemporary musical theater world, which requires a different skill set than what I had been accustomed to. She trained me to safely sing my contemporary pieces and confidently audition for productions with unique and appropriate pieces. Her approach to teaching is a well-designed blend of rigor and joy. As a teacher now myself, I frequently use the work and approaches I learned from Gina in my own classroom. I have studied theater around the world and taught theater across the country; Gina is one of the finest educators I have had the pleasure of working with. "

Lauren Rosi - Teaching Artist/ Board President - ACT Town Hall Theatre Company, Lafayette, CA