Student Reviews

 "I can say without a doubt that Gina brought my voice into a whole new league! I studied with her for two years and she is a brilliant and caring teacher. There were days when I was shocked and moved to tears at the power of my own voice. Gina unlocked my potential and I am forever grateful!"  Kirsten Salpini

"Gina Beck is by far the best voice teacher I’ve ever had! Not only did I enjoy going to my 8am voice lessons - which is saying a lot just by itself - but I loved her as a person. Even a year out of college, I’m still reaching out to her constantly, asking for advice, and missing our conversations. Gina taught me how to expand my voice in a ways I didn’t know were possible.  I would recommend anyone to this amazing woman."   Heather Morgan - Boston Conservatory BFA 2019

“I could not have asked for a more qualified voice teacher at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. She helped me find my voice and I feel ready and confident to pursue my singing career because of her expert training!”  Gabriel Lucas Hutson 
 Boston Conservatory BFA  2019

“Gina is an extremely supportive and knowledgable teacher and is so much fun to meet with every week! She has helped me prepare for auditions and work on my individual strengths and weaknesses. Gina’s guidance has helped me tremendously.”   Charlotte Varga  Private High School Student

“Gina Beck is an incredibly skilled vocal technician as well as a thoughtful, kind and supportive mentor. In working with Gina, my voice has gained control, color and depth— and has ultimately blossomed into my dream voice! I highly recommend Gina... she is a true master.”  Caitlin Rose -  Boston Conservatory MFA  2019

I began my first year at The Boston Conservatory as a musical theater major in September 2014, and had the amazing opportunity of getting to work with Gina as my voice teacher. I walked into my first lesson not knowing what to expect and wondering if we would both click. As soon as I met her, I knew that she was the perfect fit for me. After that first lesson, I noticed a difference in my voice immediately which really blew me away. From then on, I was noticing improvements in my voice that I had never expected. My range grew way beyond what I even thought I could do, resulting in huge confidence boosters after every lesson. By the end of my first year, my voice completely transformed into something I always dreamed of. I was singing songs that I would have never tried to sing before meeting Gina. I walked into school thinking that I knew a lot about singing and my voice, but Gina taught me things I never knew. I was more self aware because of her which is so important for singers. Not only that, but she was someone that I was so comfortable with just talking to. If I was having a bad day, I knew that Gina would be there to listen to me and help me with whatever I was dealing with. Starting in October 2015, I will be traveling all over the U.S. and Canada with Andrew LLoyd Webber's version of The Wizard of Oz as Dorothy understudy as well as ensemble. I truly believe that with the help and support from Gina, I was granted with this wonderful opportunity. I am so thankful for all she has helped me with, and it is because of her that I am where I am today!    Jenna Scanelli - Boston Conservatory 2013-14

Drew King
Ensemble in Broadway Production of "Tootsie" 2019,  Lead Porter in Broadway Production of "On the 20th Century" 2015

Fortunate are those who have the opportunity to train with the incomparable Gina Beck. As a dancer, it is near impossible to break into the industry without sufficient vocal training and technique. No matter how fantastic your acting or dance skills may be, proper vocal training is just as elemental to making you a triple threat.
I had the privilege of studying under Gina for three years in high school and two summers during college. Gina's training has provided me a sharp advantage over other dancers, and instilled in me a vocal confidence that makes vocal auditions fun and enjoyable.

Gina is a genuine musician with a teaching gift. During studio time, I always felt that the atmosphere was judgement free and calming. She encourages you to make mistakes and be yourself to allow for the opportunity to grow. A woman of paramount talent and technique herself, she has a wonderful way of passing on vocal advice to each student in a unique and individual manner that makes sense to you.

I truly believe that Gina's training helped me achieve my ultimate goal of dancing on Broadway, and above all, she encouraged me to believe in myself as a singer and performer.

Elena Ricardo
Carole King swing - Broadway production of Beautiful, the Carole King Musical 2017-present

Sophie in Broadway production of Mama Mia 2011-2015

"After recently joining the broadway community, I've learned how essential it is to have a consistent set of exercises and warm ups to develop a strong voice that can last 8 shows a week. I took voice lessons from Gina in college and 3 years later, I still use our recorded sessions to warm up for everything from an audition to my show every night. Her technique gave me such a wonderful foundation for my singing and i have no doubt it will continue to strengthen my voice throughout the rest of my career. "

Benjamin Kennedy Moss – Harvard University 2013

2 Pianos, 4 Hands, Minneapolis, MN

Performer, composer Hasty Pudding Theatricals 2009-2013

Ernst in US National Tour of Spring Awakening 2008-2009

"When I came to Boston after performing in a national tour for a year, (Spring Awakening 2008-9) I thought going to lessons with Gina would be a good way to brush up and keep in shape. I couldn't be happier that that wasn't the case - I was encouraged to challenge myself, and I grew immensely in the time I went to Gina's lessons."

Ethan Hardy – Harvard University 2014
Performer, writer Hasty Pudding Theatricals

“Gina is especially skilled at adapting her teaching style not only to a chosen repertoire, but also to the individual learning style of her students. I have worked with Gina for over three years now, and I can confidently say that i have improved tremendously with her help. She has developed a deep insight into my voice that surprises even me, and she challenges me to use it to its fullest potential.”

Lily Karlin – Harvard University 2014

"Taking voice lessons with Gina was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I started training with her my freshman year of college when I'd only been cast in ensemble musical roles. Gina helped me figure out my singing goals and create a plan to work towards them. Over the next three years, we built both my classical and musical theatre style singing abilities. By the end of my senior year, I'd co-written and co-starred in my very own original musical! I would have never had the confidence or singing ability to do something like this without Gina's warm, patient, kind and focused teaching. She's an amazing teacher and an amazing person!"

Lucas Blankenhorn – Huntington Beach, CA , BFA Boston Conservatory 2018, Theater By the Sea cast, summer 2015

"I really enjoyed taking lessons this year. I feel like I have grown so much more in one year with Gina than I did over the four years I spent in high school. I really feel like she is helping me find my own voice and teaching me how to use it correctly. She has made me so comfortable in my lessons and made my learning so much more effective this year. I look forward to my voice lessons each week, and they have been one of the big highlights of my freshman year."

Carolina Ribeira – Miami, FL BA Theater, Harvard University 2018

"I am so happy to have joined Gina's studio this semester! She has been so supportive and kind, and I always look forward to my lesson. Though I normally prefer working on repertoire than technique, I actually really enjoy the warm-ups we do because she always explains how they can help me improve. I honestly see such a huge difference in my singing! I cannot wait to see what else is in store!"

Annette Chu – Suffolk University, 2013

“I feel like Gina is a wonderful voice teacher, close friend/mother figure/mentor. One of the awesome aspects of her teaching style is that she is always so encouraging. Which is great because it makes me want to practice and get better at what I'm doing. With her lessons, I slowly build confidence with my voice and my sound. She is good at pushing me to the best of my ability and making sure I'm comfortable with it. Overall, I can be totally honest with Gina about anything and I'm not scared to tell her if something is going on with my voice or anything else. I've made a close friend in singing with her, and that's what also makes her an awesome voice teacher. :) “

Stephanie Yackovetsky – Suffolk University, 2014

“Gina is a delight to work with. She is extremely talented but there is no intimidation when going into a lesson with her. She works hard to make sure that I feel comfortable in every lesson with her and that I am getting the training I need. She is extremely encouraging and, as someone who is not very confident in her voice, I have been gaining confidence because of Gina's constant encouragement. I love working with her!”

Charlene Hong – Harvard University 2014

“Working with Gina is fun, invigorating, and even whimsical. Gina challenges me to try things without being afraid to fail--and the results have been such a pleasant surprise for someone like me who's been an amateur singer for many years, but was hesitant to take the leap of getting a vocal teacher. Gina truly helped make the step very enjoyable, and I love going to my lessons--they're like a breath of fresh air! I can feel myself becoming a healthier singer, which is good news for me in my acappella group and college musical theater! Most of all, though, Gina really cares about her students in a way that makes me feel supported and encouraged as a person, not just as a singer. She rocks!"

Bobby Zupkofska – Suffolk University 2015

“Most vocal coaches I've had in the past focus on one thing to improve the voice (like just posture or breathing) but I love how Gina focuses on everything to improve my singing. I love how I understand what she is talking about or she teaches me the appropriate vocabulary. I feel like I'm learning more about the voice every time I have a lesson. She is honest but not mean, which makes me enjoy coming to lessons. She knows what she is talking about. I feel like people who do not know much about the voice are sometimes easily coaxed into working with a teacher who might not know what they are talking about. Gina's explanations demonstrate that she has a great understanding of the voice.

Sumana Setty – Brandeis University 2009

"I have taken voice lessons with Gina Beck for 8 years, first in high school, and then after finishing college. I have seen the most improvement in my vocal capabilities while taking lessons with her. Gina brings out the best in all of her students, and she works hard to develop the skills that students wish to work on. When I first started taking lessons with Gina, our focus was on classical music. This allowed me to develop strong, foundational skills. However, when I started taking lessons again as an adult, I wanted to focus on learning how to sing modern music and Broadway repertoire . She geared my lessons to work on these parti"After recently joining the broadway community, I've learned how essential it is to have a consistent set of exercises and warm ups to develop a strong voice that can last 8 shows a week. I took voice lessons from Gina in college and 3 years later, I still use our recorded sessions to warm up for everything from an audition to my show every night. Her technique gave me such a wonderful foundation for my singing and i have no doubt it will continue to strengthen my voice throughout the rest of my career. She was able to isolate skills, changing the particular warm ups and songs that we worked on based on the genre of music I chose. Without her training, my voice would not have reached its full potential, and I'm thankful that I had Gina to get me there."

Jason Allen-Forest – Adult Student

“Gina is wonderful - she made me feel very comfortable, and not afraid to make mistakes. She truly understands how to work with her students to get the best out of them.”

Elissa Newcorn – Suffolk University 2011

“Gina is not only a dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable voice teacher, she is also a huge-hearted, caring person. She gives you 100% honest feedback, but never makes you feel like you can't achieve something. In the two years I studied with Gina, she taught me so much about the placement of my voice, how to belt properly, how to really use my voice in any style I choose, and how to be a confident, smart, well-rounded singer. That, to me, is the mark of an excellent voice teacher.”

Eleanor Hall – Hartford Performing Arts High School 2015, Hartford, CT; Occidental College 2019

“Gina's enthusiasm is infectious. I leave each lesson excited about singing and the progress I've made. She provides honest yet uplifting critiques. I really enjoy my time with Gina and know I'm making tremendous progress with her guidance.”

Mary Fudeman

“I started taking voice lessons with Gina during high school (Wachusett Regional High School). At the time, I lacked confidence in my singing abilities. Gina was a fantastic teacher who not only helped me improve my music skills but she also helped improve my confidence as a singer and performer. One of the luckiest things I ever did was to begin studying with Gina.”

Jake Athyal – Suffolk University 2014

"'Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.' Gina's the latter. She points you in the right direction and then lets you lead. This way, next time I can figure it out myself. When it comes to technique, I don't know anyone more equipped to educate a group. And she still pulls it off with such class.”

Olivia Michilak – Rider University 2013

“Studying with Gina was vital in my singing development because she educated me on how to use my voice in a healthy way in a positive, encouraging environment. After training with Gina, I was completely prepared to face the world of college auditions/performances because of my new confidence, vocal capabilities and expanded repertoire."